GoviEx Uranium CEO says company is talking to Niger Government regarding its mining permit

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GoviEx Uranium Inc (TSX-V:GXU, OTCQX:GVXXF) CEO Daniel Major spoke to Proactive's Stephen Gunnion about discussions the company is having with the Government of the Republic of Niger regarding its mining operations after receiving notice it must start mining at its Madaouela uranium project by July 3, 2024.

If the company fails to start mining by that date, there is a risk its mining permit will be revoked.

Major said GoviEx is committed to developing the project and working with the Nigerien government to do so in a way that upholds the relevant laws and protects its rights.

He outlined GoviExs strategies to safeguard its legal rights while aiming for the best outcomes for stakeholders, including investors and local communities.

Major also provided an update on the company's project in Zambia, from continued drilling to progress in feasibility studies, reflecting the projects steady advancement.

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