Ginga BNB Mixer is currently available for use.

United States, 10th Jun 2024 – GINGA FINANCE: Ginga Finance is focused on enhancing the privacy and security of blockchain transactions.


The majority of meme tokens in the cryptocurrency sector are essentially solutions in search of problems to address. Put differently, they lack a tangible real-world utility. Nevertheless, Ginga Finance $GIN stands out from the crowd. Our team introduces a value-enhancing feature known as GINGA Mixer.


What is a GINGA BNB Mixer? The GINGA BNB Mixer is a solution designed to enhance the privacy and security of your identity when conducting blockchain transactions. While blockchain transactions are not completely anonymous, especially when using decentralized wallet naming services, our mixer aims to break the link between source and destination wallets. By doing so, we prevent peeping eyes from utilizing blockchain analysis for forensic studies on your transactions, ultimately improving your privacy.


Basic information and easy steps to begin the process.

  1. Kindly furnish the wallet address intended for receiving funds. Please ensure that both the sending and receiving addresses are not associated with exchanges or contracts.
  2. Adjust the time delay if the standard 30-minutes setting does not suit your preference. Utilize a differential timer to enhance the privacy of the connection between the sending and destination wallets. The maximum allowable delay is 300 minutes (5 hours). Set up Service fees from 3% to 5%.
  3. Please enter the User Secret code and Discount code if you possess them. The User Secret code is designed for returning users to prevent receiving back the tokens they may have previously submitted to our Mixer for mixing. This additional layer of security is optional, as we always have a supply of pre-mixed tokens available for your transactions.
  4. Upon the data entry of the required information, click “Mix my BNB”
  5. Write down (copy & paste) the wallet address you need to send your $BNB to and your guarantee code.
  6. Log in to your personal crypto wallet you are sending the $BNB from. Enter the wallet address you were given in Step (4). Enter the amount of $BNB you want to mix. Input the amount of $BNB you want to mix. The minimum amount of $BNB to mix is at least 0.1. Approve the transaction and click send.
  7. When we receive your tokens, the magic of mixing begins.
  8. The mixed tokens will be sent to the destination wallet you provided from Step (a) after your preset delay.

For now, the BNB Mixer is only available on the BSC network. We do have plans to expand the service to other Blockchains in the near future. The system is secure and we do not log the activities. A Mixer service fee of 3% to 5% is configured and applied to each transaction. The nature of randomized fees further enhances the privacy of the transaction. Half of the fees collected are then used to buy back and burn $GIN tokens. The other half will be used for system upgrades and maintenance.

Media Contact

Organization: Ginga Finance

Contact Person: Osman Cozel, Project Manager


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Country: United States

Release Id: 10062412980

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