Carlie Hanson pays tribute with her heartfelt cover of Alice In Chains Nutshell

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Onalaska, WI, April 26 2024 – Coming off a huge moment with her last single Covering Faces, vocal sensation Carlie Hanson pays homage to the late lead vocalist, Layne Staley and Alice in Chains with her mesmerizing rendition of their classic hit Nutshell. This release falls on the anniversary of Laynes passing. This song offers a fresh perspective on the beloved grunge anthem, infusing it with her signature blendof raw emotion and musicalprowess. This year also happens to be the 30th anniversary of Jar of Flies, which Carlie alluded to on the album cover!

I grew up listening to all kindsof sick ass music. I remember my mom and sister blastingAlice In Chains on long driveswhen I was like 10. Not up until recentlydid I fall down a rabbit-hole of everything they have out there. Their MTV unplugged stunned me. I was so blown away and inspired to cover Nutshell in remembrance of Layne and Kurt. I want to thank Layne's sweet momma for allowing this to happen. I'm excited for the world to hear my lil version.

Carlie Hanson's version of "Nutshell" is set to be a standout release offering young listeners a new gateway to a timelessclassic. Carlie teamed up with Cover Nation toexclusively premiere Carlie live performance of the new single. The legendary Layne Staleys mother, Nancy McCallum met Carlie and had some very kind words to say:

It is wonderful to see Layne'smusic live on with all generations, and the underlying message in his music continue to have such profound effects. As Layne would say, 'I would love to be able to hug you all.'" – Nancy McCallum / Laynes Mom.

Words and Lyrics by Layne Staley

Publishing: Primary Wave Music Publishing

We chase misprinted lies

We face the path of time

And yet I fight

And yet I fight

This Battle All Alone

No one to cry to

No place to call home

My gift of self is raped

My privacy is raked

And yet I fight

And yet I fight

Repeating in my head

If I cant be my own

Id feel better dead

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About CarlieHanson:

With each emotional, introspective song she shares with the world,Carlie Hanson revealsa little more of the out-of-placeness that has dominated her headspace over the last few years.That foggy feelingthats all-consuming hangs heavy over the 23-year-old singer/songwriter's sophomore album Wisconsin, a deeply personal collection of songs detailing the homesickness that has plagued her since moving to Los Angeles from the home state that gives the record its title. LaCrosse, Wisconsin is where Hanson fell in love with music. Her sister blasted Avril Lavigne and Evanescence in the car, and she grasped that at a young age

As that love of music deepened, she recorded herselfsinging in her car, and, to her astonishment, it went viral. Producers took interest and she recordedsome demos, like Only One," which Taylor Swiftincluded on her list of favorite songs in 2017. At 17, Hanson moved to Los Angeles. Despite early success with

self-released EPs and her acclaimed debut album, Tough Boy, she felt out of place. Changing the trajectory of your career is a process, and Hanson documents much of it in Wisconsin. There are, however, glimmers of hope. The title track, for example, is about recalibrating how she feels about moving across the country. As Hanson becomesmore confident in her artistry,she brings a little piece of the Midwest to Los Angeles, song by song.

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