BNB Loses Market Interest, Solana and 100x Altcoin Raboo Steal the Spotlight

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The cryptocurrency market has experienced a series of bullish and bearish trends from a couple of major coins. With Solana demonstrating a massive recovery trajectory and BNB price moving sluggish, investors seem to be losing interest in BNB and pivoting to the newly created socialFi meme coin.

Raboo is a brand-new SocialFi coin created with a combination of top-notch technology and a splash of amazing meme-hunting skills. This coin has stolen the spotlight as it is predicted to surge up to 233% in 2024.

Raboo, currently in Stage 4 of its presale phase, and raking in over $1.6million so far, its projected by analysts to surge up 100x on launch day. In this article, we will talk more about all you need to know regarding the progress of this coin.

BNB: Massive Decline in Market Price of Binance Coin

Recently, the value of BNB had experienced a downward trend of about eight percent in comparison with the dollar value. This shows clearly that the token isn't going to bring in big ROI, causing investors to lose interest in the market coin.

BNB has had a bullish short-term trend, rising fourteen percent during the last couple of months, analysts warn of BNB as it is approaching its resistance of $645.02. BNB is Currently trading at $621.05 with a trading volume of approximately $2.8 billion, and YTD value of only 100%.

A Crypto analyst recently described the Binance Coin as having a bullish past, with a bearish future. Due to its recent performance, investors are now seeking other alternatives to dive into, with Raboos presale coin showing potentials of up to 100x its market value.

Solana is predicted to surge by 10% in The Crypto Market

The debut of meme-coins on the Solana blockchain has been met with excitement from investors. Using the unrestricted nature of blockchain technology, Solana is an open-source project with a huge operation that provides DeFi solutions.

Solana Enthusiast projects that there is a high chance it will experience a bullish trend of up to 10% in the next couple of days. This is due to the increase in its overall trading volume and market cap. In the last 24 hours, Solana has had a trading volume of approximately $2.1 billion and a market price of $75.5bn.

Raboos Bright Future of Up to 100x is Still Bringing in Investors

Raboo is predicted to place among the top AI-themed meme coins in 2024, and it definitely has people talking. The price of the presale token is estimated to go up to 233%, following its starting price of $0.003 Currently in Stage 4 with a price of $0.0048..

In a market where investors are shifting toward meme coins, Raboo is a top-tier native token that has the potential to surge by 10,000% upon its listing on a major exchange platform.

Raboo offer holders the opportunity to experience the combination of MemeFi, blockchain, and SocialFi. Enthusiasts get to benefit from the special social-fi model and earn more tokens by participating in weekly, monthly, and quarterly competitions .

The new meme coin is driving the $62 billion meme market and without a doubt one of the best altcoin to invest in.


In the cryptocurrency space, not only Solana but also Binance Coin have experienced big hits. With the increase in solana trading volume and market cap, its expected to experience a 10% surge in the couple of days.

Meanwhile, Raboo is stealing the spotlight following its prediction of reaching up to 100x its current price, investors are now finding their way to this AI-powered meme coin.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.



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