Basset Hound Enthusiast, Bob Bratt, and His Beloved Tito Vie for the Crown in the 22nd Annual Sweetheart Waddle

Indialantic, FL – In the heart of Indialantic, Bob Bratt stands out not just as a Basset hound owner, but as a true ambassador for the breed. His extraordinary commitment to these charming dogs is most evident in his relationship with Tito, his beloved Basset hound. Together, they have entered the prestigious SBR King & Queen Contest, a key feature of the 22nd Annual Sweetheart Waddle.

The Sweetheart Waddle, while a fun and engaging event, is made more meaningful through participants like Bob and Tito. Their participation, in a contest that uniquely raises funds through voting, subtly contributes to the noble cause of rescuing and rehoming Basset hounds.

Bob’s entry, Tito, is more than just a contender for the crown; he is a living example of the joy and companionship Basset hounds bring. Tito’s life in Indialantic with Bob is filled with adventure, love, and community interaction. With an impressive tally of over 5,000 votes so far, Tito’s popularity is a testament to Bob’s exceptional role in the community and his ability to bring people together.

Bob Bratt, reflecting on their journey, says, “Tito isn’t just a dog; he’s a symbol of what it means to live a life filled with joy and purpose. Our shared experiences, including his role as ‘Chief Morale Officer’ at my office, show how much he means to me and everyone he meets. This contest is a platform for us to extend this joy and subtly lend our support to this amazing cause.”

The culmination of the contest is the Waddle Parade, where the crowning of the King and Queen is a celebration of the community’s effort in supporting the breed. Bob and Tito’s involvement goes beyond mere participation; it’s a reflection of Bob’s extraordinary dedication to his community and the well-being of Basset hounds.

Voting for the contest concludes on February 17, 2024. A vote for Tito is an acknowledgment of the exceptional bond between Bob and Tito, and their positive impact on the community, along with a subtle support for a cause close to their hearts.

About Bob Bratt:

Bob Bratt, the Chief Operating Officer of DLA Piper, brings a unique blend of professional expertise and personal passion to everything he does. His website showcases his significant career in the legal sector, including his strategic leadership roles and contributions to the Department of Justice. Beyond the boardroom, Bob’s love for Basset hounds, particularly reflected in his bond with his dog Tito, highlights his dedication to animal welfare and community involvement, making him a well-rounded and inspiring figure.

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