Silver Wolf Exploration receives drill permit for El Soldado claim at Ana Maria Project

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Silver Wolf Exploration President Peter Latta joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share news about the recent milestone achieved by the company the acquisition of an exploration diamond drilling permit for the "El Soldado" southern claim within the Ana Maria Project.

This permit, crucial for advancing the project, was obtained approximately six weeks after the initial application was filed for the El Soldado claim.

In conversation with Proactive, Latta underscored that the company's immediate focus for exploration drilling is centered on El Soldado. This particular claim block is situated in a region known for its rich carbonate replacement deposits (CRD), which are typically of high mineral content.

The exploratory work carried out by Silver Wolf Exploration to date has not only revealed high-grade values but also geological indicators that strongly suggest the presence of a CRD.

Furthermore, Latta disclosed the scope of the drilling endeavor that lies ahead. The planned drill program is extensive, set to span up to 4,800 meters across 16 drill holes. T

he strategic approach involves leveraging historical miner insights and modern exploration methods to pinpoint high-potential areas.

Anticipating drilling to commence in Q1 of the coming year, Silver Wolf aims to uncover valuable insights below the historical workings. Additionally, plans are underway to secure permits for the central claim after the completion of the initial program.

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